Search Optimization using Context based Search


Finding meaningful information among the billions of information resources on the web is a tedious task as the popularity of Internet is growing rapidly. The future of web is a structured semantic web in place of unstructured information present in the web nowadays. On semantic web, ontology is used to assign meaning to the content of the web. The main concern of focused crawling is to retrieve only the relevant pages rather to crawl all web pages. So the main issue is how to extract quality pages that is relevant to the topic. To overcome this problem, we have designed a focused crawler in which we first will construct ontology from the web repository then we will integrate this ontology with the semantic nets so that a focused document group can be created. After that will accept the keywords to be searched and make search more concise by pruning the unwanted data and display the results based upon that along with its related context with the help of tree structure that is created using the ontology designed by us. General Terms Focused crawler,ontology,semantic net,context seraching.


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