04 12 01 7 v 1 1 D ec 2 00 4 The Seyfert-LINER Galaxy NGC 7213 : An XMM-Newton Observation ∗


We examine the XMM X-ray spectrum of the LINER-AGN NGC 7213, which is best fit with a power law, Kα emission lines from Fe I, Fe XXV and Fe XXVI and a soft X-ray collisionally ionised thermal plasma with kT = 0.18 +0.03 −0.01 keV. We find a luminosity of 7×10 −4 L Edd , and a lack of soft X-ray excess emission, suggesting a truncated accretion disc. NGC 7213 has intermediate X-ray spectral properties, between those of the weak AGN found in the LINER M 81 and higher luminosity Seyfert galaxies. This supports the notion of a continuous sequence of X-ray properties from the Galactic Centre through LINER galaxies to Seyferts, likely determined by the amount of material available for accretion in the central regions.


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